Saturday, 21 December 2013

Only Knew Her as a Child

This is a story of my life, my many encounters with destiny and the rugged places it has often left me. Today I talk of my childhood crush and constant fantasy. Her name today will be Victoria which is of course not her real name.
I first met Victoria when I was in class six, she must have been in class three or two and she was a real beauty.  Curse me for my evil head but even as a child I could tell an angel from a pageant of beauties because she was.  Her teeth were as white as snow, her skin as soft as silk. Victoria had all her eye lashes and eye brows, all so thick and dark. Her smile was super perfect and adding this to her beautifully sunk dimples; she could no less placed at the apex of my daily fantasies.
 Victoria’s mum was a splendor too, old but still attractive even to the eyes boy only eleven years old. I loved her because she took a total good care of my angel, Victoria; making sure she always kept Victoria’s long black hair well kept. Sometimes just letting it flow all the way down her long neck and sometimes having it curled or twisted into different styles and shapes. Always dressing her daughter in brightly colored cloths that enhanced her innocence and had everyone notice her sparkling beauty, I loved this woman and awkwardly wished she was my mother too.
We were only kids and apart from always wanting to play together, to eat together and to talk and argue about nothing at all, we knew nothing more.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

This Novel in My Head

I have always been a passionate writer, but in the recent days it’s only been happening in my head. An awful laziness has got into me and for sure it’s a bad one as I find it so easy to postpone writing. I am loosing the initially ever present urge to express my unspoken words in writing. Surely, why did I stop writing yet I have so many things to write about all stored up in my crowded head.  This is a silly question, but sincerely, why can’t I keep in a safe place all these memories which will soon fly away out of my head! Or even better yet, why have I lost the connection with pen and paper as a confidant and a vending place for things that trouble my mind!
There is this novel I have always written in my head; in fact it should have been ready for the market by now because its publication should have come so long ago. As long as before even my graduation.
The novel was supposed to be a narration of my life’s journey in comparison to a sewer cycle. It was supposed to relate my life to the various stages sewer water goes. As it comes from the initial stage where it is still not mixed with other domestic wastes, when it is still pure treated water in a tank to when it is received as raw filth coming from huge pipes into sewer ponds. I was supposed to be a gradual comparison of this cycle to my simple innocent life as a child through to a wild teenager trying anything and everything bad and unlawful as I grew into an enlightened and responsible adult.