Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Hilarious ‘Bakora’

Rarely can pain be described as hilarious. As a child sometimes Angeline, my mother, would whip me on the back, two hard ones which always came as a surprise. You can imagine the reaction; first I go low, take a hard kick to dive forward into dash at top speed. After a few steps I always took a quick look at my tormentor, a look that would inform how far I would run and if I would keep accelerating on or do the zigzag hare-kind of a run which she would not keep up with.

This was painful, terribly painful, but still someone looking from a distance would find it hilarious. By then, I would think of them as mean red necks, irreligious and wished them a fourth cross for a painful crucifixion. Ha! Ha! Ha! Today I saw a senior political figure get caned and it was hilarious. Two quick ones, just like my mothers, on the back! Ha! Ha! Ha! And from Baba’s reaction I can only imagine how painful it must have been.

He went low, took the dive and dashed. Somehow I thought he would also do the quick check while still mid emergency-escape. You know the one you do with your mouth opened to a weird shape and all kinds of terror expressions drawn all over your face. Ha! Ha! Ha! I can’t really stop laughing. Baba, caned! Two quick ones on Baba’s back, whack! Whack! It was a re-enacting of my childhood moments. This is nice, so nice. Let me watch it all over again and I shall tell you more why I believe I share a lot with Baba from my childhood from the dancing, blabbing and now the legendary caning.


  1. this just killed me!your articles are hilarious and educative

    1. Thank you Cynthia ... your complement is very much appreciated.

  2. Welcome good articles need to be recognised


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