Thursday, 12 June 2014

I will never let you go

‘I am in love with you. I love you so much, I would give it all just for you. In good and bad times I promise to stand by your side with my sincere love.’ Mention these words and no one will go by without noticing, some with admiration and yet others with loath, jealousy or even get judgmental and rubbish you as a silly person.   Still, I am in love, deeply in love and it scares me. I feel I have been made soft as this love now runs through my whole system and control me like a marionette.

My old guy (grandpa) thinks any man in love is silly and girly. According to him a man should be driven by purpose, principles and objectivity, not emotions. He ascribes to the lot that believes your kinfolk (mostly an aunt) should help you choose, vet and decide on whom to tie the knot with in matrimony. And in this case the fundamental consideration is on tribe, family history and

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Happy Father’s Day To You All

Certain topics are hard to cover, like a bad story they don’t carry laughter or good Any Things. This kind I always avoid and run away from with any little excuse I get my hands on. Take for instance the speed at which my laughter fades away amid a conversation whenever parents are mentioned. I hate snobs, they really irritate me, but if you are the kind of a person who will always talk of mums and dads, trust me am the worst snob you will ever meet. This however does not mean I never get caught in a situation. This Sunday will be Father’s day and there is no rat hole that will hide me from the festivities and mentions. At the church, they gave flowers to sons and daughters to give to their mother’s the other time and I am sure the same will go on this Father’s Sunday.

While conversing with my peers, out of nowhere someone usually mentions a parent, parental care or anything to do with parenting, and my happy mood uncontrollably falls to roots. It could be a football conversation, academics or even just a random talk; still someone will always find a way to press in the old folks play button. Having had a good experience with this I always try to drive the topic away out of my disliking; bring in a different story or excuse myself from the group whenever the latter doesn’t work. But when I am caged and no escape route or excuse seems available I recreate them. Yes recreate and talk of them as I would wish them alive.

In most instances I craft a rich dad with a reputable profession. I give him a high salary scale and a ward him big positions in large organization. In such illustration I talk of my dad as a young father; very

Logout and Socialize

Recently I saw a very disturbing artistic picture on the internet. I can’t actually remember the name of the artist but this illustration has remained stuck in my head like a bad memory. The art shows a young lad locked inside a dark room with the facebook logo showing on both his computer and smart phone. I can only see his face through the little shine illuminating his face from the computer and the phone. On the other side of the door are people seated and playing in a public picnic site; lovers hugging, kids running around, friends dancing to the tunes of their boom box and families sharing packed meal. The outer side of the enormous metallic door is nicely branded ‘social hub.’

On my first glance at the picture, I saw a silly artist stretching the realms of creativity. Its meaning or what the artist had in mind did not really matter and having been blessed with the pencil and the sketchpad I focus more on the artist’s curves, shades of light and color and the kind of symmetry he portrays. And sure he did a good job. After a few minutes I close the tab and go to a little of facebook, a little of twitter, my excel work sheet, back to instagram again then facebook, then the excel work sheet … etc and the cycle continued till five in the