Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Just a write up

Stealth silence, quietness … zero noise. At a place of tranquility with no sudden movements or flashing lights. There I find my cool. While you go for punching bags filled with hard sand, bruising your soft skin and hurting your muscles I go to my room and hid in the comfort of my soft and cozy bed. When you are tired and panting after throwing unrewarded blows and punches, I am gaining my cool taking my yoga trained breath … iiinn - out, iiinn - out. Deep, controlled and necessary breath which recycles life in my organism for a healthy living.

I do not understand anger. I do not know what rage is. I am human and I am a master of my feelings. Trees get swayed in fast wind, flowers blossom at the balance of fertility of the pot’s soil and surrounding weather. I am human. I am my dominant and I choose when to turn right or left. I choose to detest you, when to like you and how to quit without ever getting lured to gaze back. 

Is it short memory? Am I a retard with no feelings or am I just stronger than most. When you pulled my hair yesterday I felt pain, physical pain. You know the kind a high school teacher would waste a whole two hours’ lesson explaining; tendons, nerve system and how pain information is relayed to the brain. You felt proud and had to share your win with friends and scams. It was painful then, now it is not. 

Today you brood in your little corner afraid to face the supposed bald headed me. Your yesterday’s win is now your shame and guilt. You claim anger and as you throw your fiddle bones to stock dead sand compacted in a rough bag, here I am taking my cereals at the warmth of my protectorate, cloud nine.

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