Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013, Resolution 2014

I am thinking through my New Year resolutions to limit myself to only the realistic ones. Last year I had quit a list and am happy a larger percentage came to fruition. At the start of 2013 I had a resolve to enroll for a postgraduate study and I did. Though I should have finished the classes by now, I am happy I made the effort to start and hopefully I will see it to completion by the end of this New Year, 2014.
It was my resolve to live a responsible and respectful life and to the best of my knowledge, this I did 75%. I was flexible to others opinions and aspirations, I gave way to let others too have a chance in places I wanted to be the only one and even compromised my own comfort for others. I supported my younger siblings in varied ways and even helped strangers at times of need all in the spirit of being like a ‘Good Samaritan’.
At the start of 2013 I aspired to improve on myself independence and I think I did make recognizable strides. Improving my brain power through studies, working hard towards financial security and self protection against physical aggression and mental abuse were my greatest pillars.
I also mustered the courage to say ‘enough is enough’ when someone crossed my line and even walked away when push became a shove.
My list for 2013 was quite long and I have to admit I failed in some. I did not manage to stay away from the brownies. Girls and alcohol has always been a problem and though I wanted to stop, 2013 turned to be the year this duo entered the ‘big-issue’ list. Becoming a guzzler and a ratchet towards the end on the year was not one of my wishes at the start of the year.
In many occasions, just before I walk down the aisle to share in My Lords table my most common prayer has always been to have a serious, responsible relationship destined for marriage. This I am sorry I did not achieve; not because I did not have the chance, but because I ruined most of them due to little distractions on the sides. Silly distractions like cartoons, poor timing and even short timed flings some even hard to make public.
2014 is here and I have a new chance and a new opportunity to set new goals and reset my aspiration. This year the word is ‘realistic,’ to help me set only goals I can score on.  So after very deep consideration and personal evaluation this is what I came up with. To be 100% sober throughout the year, meaning no alcohol. With extra money and all-time opportunities I know this will be the hardest considering the fact that I can never avoid pubs and parties.
Before the end of 2014 I want to have an operational savings account. This lifestyle of hand to mouth has to end. With this therefore I need a good job with extra pay and this therefore means I am now officially looking for that fat paying job. The drive to open a savings account is budded from the fact that I need financial security, pay my school fee and start a business investment.
By mid 2014 I want to be able to pay all my bills. This simply means I will be moving to my house very soon. This resolution is driven by need for personal space and the need to be self sufficient. I need this to be able to invite my girlfriend over without having to ask for permission or else risk offending others. I want my younger siblings to come visit me more often, in my house.
At the end of 2014 I still want to have my family on the ‘most important’ list. I don’t want anyone or anything to come and take their space in my life. I want to have my two brothers as my best friends and confidants and my two sisters as my first reason to live a happy life. This I know is uncertain since they also have choices to make, but I pray to Jehovah they only make unitary ones and embrace genuineness amongst our dealings and conversations.
I wish to register as a church member before the end of the year. I wish to be able to pay my tithes and engage actively in all church activities as a full member. Throughout my life I have always had impulses of doubt of my spirituality. I want this to stop and to do this I have to come closer to my God, and let Him direct my ways.
In continuation with my aspiration to advance my education at the start on 2013, I will be back in class to finish what I started and also enroll for my MA classes. And finally I want to be engaged for marriage. To achieve this I am looking forward to maintain a serious relationship right from the start and see how things turn out. Am not in a hurry, but still the early I achieve this the happier I will be. So help me Jehovah.

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