Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I Blame The Opposition For Terror Attacks

The mind’s liberty for thought is so amazing. Human reasoning spans way beyond all that can be spoken and in many instances it just lacks the right words to accurately illustrate its thoughts. Many bright ideas and forecasts remain suppressed for the fear of being ridiculed by those who do not see things as one see them and this does not mean that one wrong. 

Early 2013 a bold thinker came up conspiracy ‘tyranny of numbers’ and every dick and harry thought the political analyst had reached his optimal level of insanity. For the need to know more and have a clear insight into his mind sequence and thought logic many television stations and print media booked him for interviews. Others for a good course, knowledge, yet a few, short of reason presented his ‘tyranny of numbers’ for a comic gimmick. Fast forward to March 4th, 2013 his conspiracy became a reality. Should I be a chancellor, this genius deserves an honorary degree in public-mind-reading. 

At the moment I might be defending a villain in the eyes of many, the kind who take too long to accept reality, but I am only doing this because I have just learned of another genius awaiting his crown. A silent activist, I today bring to your attention a conspiracy that has just already been rolled out and if not taken seriously will leave a permanent mark in Kenyan history. 

I say the current opposition under the patronage of America is responsible for the current insecurity in our beloved country, Kenya. Not the victim Al-shaabab. Call me all names but do not close your eyes, instead open your mind for a minute of reason as you read on. 

Watching the parliamentary proceedings, the kind of arguments we listen to are clear evidence, to those who have an insider’s eye that the opposition is yet to accept defeat in the last elections. Listen to how the chief whip blatantly calls the reigning government thieves in the full glare of a national television. And the majority leader in reply brags and publicly shames himself, by admitting that ‘he is a sycophant to a working president’. Emotions are adding up and the rift brought about by simple indifferences, idiotic pride and silly provocations are slowly leading Kamau and Ahmed to war. 

In 2008, the opposition believed their victory pie was snatched out of their mouth and the G.S. called for mass action which led to a lot of bloodshed. To the families who experience firsthand effects of post election violence bile still lingers bitterly in their throat and a small ignition is all they want. Afraid of this, and of course the Hague too, the opposition unwillingly accepted the foul prophesy of ‘tyranny of numbers’ in March 4th, 2013 yet again. 

First it was with a lot of bitterness and many were tempted to draw their weapons, then sorrow followed as we saw the opposition leader together with his loyalist shade tears as he read the acceptance speech after the high court ruling. Disillusionment came next and some in the opposition, driven by greed and personal vendetta against their parties quietly started making baby steps towards joining the ruling team. It is sad to say this but after keenly observing all the past occurrences, the opposition cannot and will never win in any presidential election if the current state of affairs remains unchanged. As-is-always the elections will be stolen again and as usual for the third, fourth and even fifth time, they will be forced to crawl back to their holes after making silly cries. 

This is why America has moved in to help. Main motivation being, they too are losing African business to China and Middle East. As Russia is making a comeback, America needs to protect its nestlings for her international policies to remain valid. And because of this a new independent electoral system needs to be established. Independent in the sense that it remains digital and the servers are monitored by them. I believe I am starting to make sense, to some. Independent from Kenyan ‘moles’ as was confesses by the Elections C.E.O. but dependent on America (so they too can manipulate it to their liking). 

To achieve this, the opposition too has a part to play and that involves being the noisy horn-bill that scares the present Electoral Commission out of office. America gives them C.I.A. phone recording which they push through a disguise of an investigative journalist report aired through a sympathetic television network. They offer the opposition leader a coordination office for the next presidential election in their land and give Al-Shaabab an intelligent head-start to cause chaos. You must be wondering why chaos, now listen carefully.
For the Americans to be involved in monitoring the elections they have to be called in so as to avoid the bad feel of second colonization. The noisy horn-bill also has to make a lot of noise in calling back our military sent to Somalia. This is to cut on the revenue the government is getting from AMISOM to supplement the military pay. No pay equals distrust and finally injured loyalty and the South Sudan state of affairs starts on. This adds to the fact that the British and Australian governments that used to financially and technically support Kenyan military have already withdrawn their support. 

Someone already thinks I am nuts, but wait a minute! Tell me, why has there never been a terror attack in the opposition dominated areas? What business does the opposition leader have in America that the foreign state is willing to offer him a free office? Is it an absolute truth that the president traveled to the Middle East to sign energy deals and not to seek protection from the shared threat that is America? What more political deals are the Prime Minister of China coming to sign in the country? Call me crazy, tomorrow I will be a genius.

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